To ensure a smooth, comfortable and safe ride it is vital for your vehicle to be fitted with top- quality, reliable and durable essential components such as mountings and bushes. Such superior components are what Mountings and Bushes in Mbombela (Nelspruit), Mpumalanga is passionate about, and a walk through the company’s storeroom makes this abundantly clear. This South African family-owned business boasts over 30 years of experience and knowledge in the automotive heavy-duty suspension bushings industry. It specialises in the design and manufacture of these essential vehicle components and has an expertly trained and qualified staff contingency.


Mountings and Bushes’ prides itself on hand-casted, polyurethane products which are expertly engineered. These products’ components yield a urethane elastomer which exhibits excellent all-round physical properties and flex stability. In addition, they are 30% stiffer than components made from rubber, yet offer the same noise-absorbing properties.


The company’s polyurethane bushes have passed a significant number of stringent trials and tests which prove that they are leaders in the industry in terms of versatile performance. They are equally efficient in a 4 x 4 work vehicle, as they are on a daily city runner or weekend cruiser.

Mountings and Bushes’ trademark product is their RED SERIES high-performance Polyurethane bushes. These unique, robust components have raised eyebrows, especially across the Toyota brand. Their durability and versatility have been verified time and again. A few years ago, they were fitted into a Toyota Land Cruiser and Toyota Hilux which were used in the treacherous and notorious African bush. Despite the challenging terrain that these vehicles rode daily, 91 000km later the RED SERIES bushes were still going strong. Toyota is not the only brand that Mountings and Bushes’ products do wonders for. This company prides itself on the fact that it caters for all types of vehicles.  

Mountings and Bushes is also a leader in the sector due to the heavy-duty polyurethane engine and gearbox mountings it has on offer. These can be manufactured to specification at the company’s workshop or recast. In addition, heavy-duty “Poly” Engine/Gearbox mounts for certain models are also available. These are so easy to use that although they can be fitted on the premises, clients also do it themselves as a DIY project.


Mountings and Bushes sells direct to the public as well as to retail centres. The company fame has preceded it to other parts of Africa and currently, dealerships are being established in Namibia and Botswana.